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On homosexuality - I first wrote this a deace and

2021-10-13 15:59:52


The anti-gay brigade is a motley collection of religious fundamentalists, adherents of bogus science, quack doctors and pseudo cultural theorists. They may belong in one group or another but behind all these different labels, there is one thing that binds them all together and that is they are all fundamentally anti libertarians and rights deniers. Worse, their positions shift whenever the debate catches up with them and their original position has been shot down. They take cover, dust their shameless opportunistic selves down and assume another disgraceful position.

Here, is a rough and ready classification of the positions that they assume at any one time and the sophist among them try to distinguish themselves from others in terms of the grades of anti-ness. But do not be fooled by such differentiation which is made null by the one thing that integrates them: dark ages antiquarian religious fundamentalism.

Below is the list of classification.

A. Anti-religion - they quote liberally from the old testament Leviticus to support their anti-gay stance. When asked what other Biblical injunctions we must uphold, such as when the Lord orders his favourite people to butcher the Amalekites when they capture them in battle, rape their women and take their men slaves, they bury their shameless faces in the same Bible to seek further spurious justification. And when they find none, they resort to plan B.

B. Anti-procreation - they base their abhorrence on the bogus view that what cannot result in procreation should not be condoned. And they say such things with convincing piety that you would admit them to a seminary on the basis of that alone. However, their hypocrisy is revealed when asked whether all sex must result in procreation. These are clever people for they realise the armoury marshalled against them so they retreat and resort to plan C.

C. Anti-culture - they say homosexuality is not in our culture. So you ask them: what is our culture? A couple of years ago, a Prince Macdonald asked the same question when he was cornered. He is still waiting for an answer and so am I.

D. Anti-species - they say that even animals do not engage in homosexual practice so more evolved human beings should not do it. I wonder where they get this idea from. They speak with such conviction that you would think they are evolutionary biologists. But when presented with research evidence that actually, some animals, like human beings are gay too, they resort to plan E.

E. Anti-science - they say that scientifically, it is wrong. So I ask: are we to take a stance on these things from science? Science is anything goes pursuit. If it can be observed and proved, it can be done. Science is the last discipline to give us lectures on homosexuality especially where this rhetoric is laced with the poison of anti-gay moralists and ethicists. The science of atomic bomb, cloning, etc, preaching on morals? They even come up with reasons pertaining to psychiatry and so that homosexuality is a mental disorder. Why? Because a, lot of gays commit suicide and have mental problems. Wouldn't you take your own life, when society denies you the pursuit of happiness through companionship? But, don't blame science, blame the snake oil purveyors of lies to discredit science. When all avenues have been exhausted, they resort to the banal and ridiculous. Such is their capitulation, that they say:

F. Each to their own - they say they do not care what two consenting adults do to each other so long as they do not foist their life style upon us. But homosexuals are not foisting anything on anybody. All they ask is that the persecution and the public labelling stop!

G. So long as they keep it in the bedroom - But gays are not asking to have sex in public.

H. You are gay - then you know the die is cast.

These anti libertarians and right deniers have lurid and lascivious imaginations. They see and smell sex everywhere homosexuality is mentioned. It shows how depraved they really are for they fail to recognise that at the heart of many gay relationships lie two hearts throbbing with love. Gay relationships, like their heterosexual equivalent, are not just about sex. There is companionship too. And like heterosexual relationships, sex in gay relationships is not just about penetrative sex.

Let the anti libertarians and religious fundementalists open their minds.

Good evening!

[This is an authentic posting from Asase (Registered User)]
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