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Homosexual Act Shouldn't Be Criminalized

Lucky Luciano
2021-10-13 14:17:10

I am against efforts to normalize that lifestyle for the simple reason that it is not "normal". It is against nature, pure and simple.

If humans wish to attain sexual pleasure by making love to a person of the same sex, that is their choice, and I feel in this present world of human rights, it will not be proper to criminalize their action, so long as it is consensual between two sane adults.

Having said that, society has a right to draw a line on how far this lifestyle should be made acceptable.

Come on guys, it is absolute madness to expect society to accept that a man can wed another man, or likewise women.

To what extent can the natural laws be bent by the society of humans and think our social structures will not buckle under the strains of the social tensions this will cause, and finally not disintegrate.

The practical and natural outcome of matrimony between a man and woman, whether customary or religious, is procreation. Sexual gratification is but incidental to marriage.

What is the practical purpose of same sex marriage apart from sexual gratification?
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