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Has Ghana Lost Her Kindness?

Akwasi A'dam
2021-10-13 14:09:43

Earlier this year while doing my usual rounds in Accra, I came across a disabled man, in traffic, dragging his "ass" on the street begging for money. As my taxi passed by I became transfixed on the man, my eyes began to well up.

As Ghanaians, one of the things we pride ourselves in is being hospitable and kind. And while I don’t disagree this is certainly
true I wonder how or if this is still the case in the life of the contemporary Ghanaian. Yes people are kind, to friends, family and
people close to them but our sense of being kinda and helpful to others is all but gone.

Take how we treat thieves, criminals and people who we think have done us wrong. Our emphasis is exacting revenge instead of
showing mercy or reforming.

Can a nation call itself “kind” if we have no sympathy for those that wrong us? Can we call ourselves kind if we can help the most vulnerable in
in our society instead of current “winner takes all” ideology?

PS. This is just an observation and nothing to do with the ongoing LGBIT+ debate.

[This is an authentic posting from Akwasi A'dam (Registered User)]
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