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Ghanaian Stowaways Caught Aboard MV Jane

2021-10-13 11:13:15

This was an abortive suicide mission undertook by 5 Ghanaians from Apapa, Lagos. Of all the places to hide on a ship, the two worst are: Bilge tanks and funnel. The rudder, btw, is clearly suicidal because it steers the ship and is buried underwater at the stern when sailing. These kids are not from New Taadi, the stowaway capital of Ghana, Taadi or Tema. But they must be swimmers, leaving me to believe they must be fishermen.

The late Frimpong had trouble finding a hiding place on board a Japanese freezer ship loaded with red snapper from Nouadhibou to Kobe. Frimpong was still struggling to find a place with the pilot on board. The Japos must have thought he was one of the pilot crew or something, but he was weaving amongst them. When he finally got to the Monkey Island, he asked those of us standing at the wharf where to hide. I pointed to my gaping mouth. Disgusted, he disembarked before the gangway was raised.

Knowing luck has passed him by, Frimpong decided to go sailing on a fishing boat with Koreans and some Ghanaians. The boat returned to Nouadhibou after 45 days with its quota of snapper fish. I met him at an apio bar that night with my Naana Denkyira. As if he knew, Frimpong was coiling at a corner. I told him several times to heave-up, a term used by Taadi sailors to cheer up paddies down on their luck or feeling miserable.

Frimpong drowned en route aboard the following morning. The Koreans and Brother, a Tema guy did not try to save the struggling Frimpong. Dunno how, but he was transported to the shore and left there to die. No CPR. Brother, the coward then told the owners that Frimpong was drunk. According to Islamic Law, that means Frimpong's family lost all his entitlement.

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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