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The gays debate revisited - Part 1

2021-10-13 08:57:30


Below is something that I wrote about 20 years ago on SIL.


I do not have to re-state my case for homosexuality as I believe I have laid out all the reasons why it is not right in today's world to criminalise our fellow citizens whose sexual orientation may be different from ours. Sometimes, the case is made for or against on the basis of choice. This is a false premise for in some cases, homosexuals do not have a say in who they are. In their case, that is how they are made. For instance, I did not choose to be a man. Nature, God, evolution, call it what you may, made me so. Whoever made me also factored in my preference for the opposite sex for sexual and romantic relations. I could choose to be female, have female feelings, have homosexual feelings, but it wouldn't happen because I was not made so.

But heterosexuals rule because we are in the majority and have therefore made unnatural, a practice that we abhor and have declared abnormal. All by sheer numbers! Decades ago in Ghana, left handed children were beaten in school for writing with their left hands. They were forced to change by mainly right handed teachers. No one spoke up for these people because we (the whole society) thought, the right handed people who happened to be in the majority, that the left handedness was abnormal. Today, such treatment will not be allowed to stand.

Good morning!

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Kwaku Romeo esq
10-13 11:28