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2021-10-12 20:04:55

Comment: They ban polygamy but criticize us for homophobia?
Author: Paul the African
Date: 2021-10-12 19:26:35

What nonsense! Any African resident in a country where polygamy is banned but has the temerity to come and preach to Africans to legalize LGBTQI is off their rocker. The hypocrisy and nonsense of it. And some want to make it some intellectual debate and imply Africans are primitive? Which behavior is more contra-nature?

Go into the animal kingdom and you will see even among animals polygamy is infinitely more common than homosexuality. But you live in a country where polygamy is banned, you have not agitated against it, and you come and call Africans primitive or backward or illiterate or this or that because they on the other hand accept polygamy but abhor homosexuality?

Once again I don’t support the law however it is extremely annoying for Diasporans who have not made any effort to get the ban on polygamy in their adopted countries lifted to come lecturing Ghanaians. Take your nonsense and pseudo intellectual arguments and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

When polygamy is legalized in the west and we can file to bring our second and third wives abroad like homosexuals can file for their foreign partners, then and only then you can come and lecture Africans about legalizing homosexuality.

Kwaseasem ara kwa kwa!

[This is an authentic posting from Dawu (Registered User)]
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