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I knew it

sumanguru kante
2021-10-12 18:38:07

I knew that this place would still be harbouring homophobes who would be praising Sam George's foolishness to the high heavens. And boy was I right> Folks, do not listen to me. Professor Prempeh or the other Prempeh; read from credible anthropologists who have written about the subject, especially as it pertains to Africa. It is really disheartening when otherwise very intelligent people suspend their capacity for rational thinking to seek refuge in superstitious beliefs, dogma, and stone-age attitudes. Please go to and download for free THE CONSTRUCTION OF HOMOSEXUALITY by David F. Greenberg. There are other books on the site( about Islam/ Arabia and homosexuality, homosexuality and the bible etc). READ , READ, READ, and stop arguing with the same sentiments of our illiterate forbears!

Ma Salaam.

[This is an authentic posting from Sumanguru Kante (Registered User)]
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sumanguru kante
10-12 19:59
Atta Commander
10-12 19:10