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Yaw Konadu 1
2021-10-12 18:04:10

Our eminent lawyer is very vocal on many pedestrian national issues.

Why is he silent and his voice is not heard? Well, economists will tell you that human beings are rational actors, and that they will not make any decision that will make them worse off than before.

Azar knows where his bread is buttered and his one sentence on this issue could bring his illustrious career at Gainesville to an end just like how a super football coach lost his job yesterday over some things he said in an email. Don't ask me what he said. Also, do you remember that super host who could have succeeded Alex Trebek on Jeopardy and how he lost that prized pulpit?

By the way, I was going to write off Ghanaian Professors on this issue until I read young Dr. Charles Prempeh's submission (oops Thesis) on the subject to Parliament. Young Dr. Prempeh, unlike some folks buzzing on SIL like flies over feces, has made some cogent intellectual arguments but that does not mean that this bill must pass.

The Gang of 18, the most apt name for the lawyers and intellectuals who oppose Gyata George's bill, have proven that they are standing on intellectual sinking sands (allow me to invoke my Presbyterian cum Methodist hymn) and that Dr. Charles Prempeh has exposed them as intellectual and legal wimps. Unfortunately, one of my high schools alma mater has two of her best all time students represented in the Gang of 18. I hold these two intellectual giants in high esteem but they are NOT helping themselves with their weak intellectual arguments on this bill.

As for Professor Adomako Ampofo, hmmmmm, enough said. Pretty face does not always confer smartness, advanced degrees not withstanding; does it? So if a muslim does not see a "Mohammed" in the law, that muslim must reject Gyata George's law? Buei, ya wu ooooooooooo!!

Anyway, I do not approve of the bill which has the potentialof becoming a law. Let sleeping dogs lie.

I wish, we can have dispassionate debates on our national economy, educational policy, and the built environments led by brilliant academicians like young Dr. Charles Prempeh. Where are those economists in the Department of Economics at Legon who one or two courses as part of their doctoral studies via distance degree programs at Harvard and list that on their resume? You folks have ceded too much space to Bawumia and Yaw Adutwum

The gang of 18 is hiding under a bench. Please take good care of the two persons in the gang who are my role models for me.

Again, I ask, where is Kwaku Azar? Is he also hiding in a sink hole in Gainesville? You know there are many sink holes in Gainesville, right?



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