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Que sera sera, Come Chill on the Wall.

Kofi Ameko
2021-10-12 15:37:11

I promised not to comment on the current misplaced priority again. Stay there and allow OOT and others to bamboozle you with shifting slimy positions.

Look, Eno KAB, ChrisC, Tom Thumb( shamefully referred to by Bajan as his obedient servant), BDB, Peter Dogbe, and Koo Nsiah , join me on the WALL.

We are going to dig out 3 suspected photos and the scammers behind them. One was right from Worcester.

Lomotey, there is one 'Gbogbofe' Susan there for you.

Greetings to our Reform NPP friends. We can comfortably work with you.

[This is an authentic posting from Kofi Ameko (Registered User)]
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