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Rented Crowd:Akopy hunting dissenting voices Abroa

2021-09-23 12:30:20

Rented crowd- Ghanaians angrily react to crowd hailing Akufo Addo in New York


Incredible scenes.

A large number of INVISIBLE FORCES THUGS led by Hopeson Adorye, some Presidential staffers and some claiming to be National security operatives on undercover operations were flown to the US by Akopy with the Taxpayers' money just to go to the US, cheer Akopy and look out for critics and dissenting voices.


I stand justified when I say, this is the most backward and primitive political tradition ever in the annals Ghanaian and African history.
Which country does this?

In Germany, Akopy ordered the Police to arrest protesters because his life was in danger as he was confronted by handful of #FIXTHECOUNTRY PROTESTERS.

To counter the ORIGINAL #FIXTHECOUNTRY MOVEMENT, Akopy has formed this FAKE, FRAUDULENT AND FICTITIOUS "#FIXING GHANA MOVEMENT" led by Hopeson Adorye and Owusu Bempah to confront his critics...both home and abroad and sing his praises.

Jesus Christ of Ghana....

Akopy's THUGS on rampage...both home and abroad.

This is how they hunted Nkrumah with bombs and all manner of weapons.

The UP tradition will not change today nor tomorrow.
It is becoming scarier with Akopy at the helm.

What a sad spectacle!!!

[This is an authentic posting from Botifans (Registered User)]
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