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Asantes are Warriors of Success

2021-09-14 22:58:20

I have Fante and Nzema paddies from Taadi who are scared of going Europe because they are illiterates. Denkyira, Asantes, Akyems, Juabens or Kwahus and Brongfuo don't give a damn. An Asante car salesman in Antwerp cannot read or write but is embarrassed asking his clients to fill out the paperwork for him.

My Taadi paddy whom moi didn't know was illiterate was embarrassed to tell me to fill out his boarding papers for him when we were boarding a plane from Gabon to Ivory Coast. I don't think he ever forgave prior till his death. I came to Canada with a paddy from San Pedro who has no education. This Sekondi Zongoboy sought my assistance in teaching him how to read and write in Canada.

Fantes are mouth-mouth keke. I am yet to see an Anlo boy or girl who cannot read or write. Even your local banku or agble-kaklo and yor-ke-gari seller knows how to do math and spell their name. Asantes are catching up slowly due to Wofa's money and their matrimonial inheritance system. Without their uncles and system, Asantes would be dead on arrival.

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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