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Me Kon D) Spaghetti na Beefsteak Stew

2021-09-14 22:15:29

I have never eaten spaghetti since 2000. But today be today. Moi want to chop spaghetti with Canadian AAA Angus beef stew with mushrooms, bell pepper, Arctic veggies and some greens. I splashed down a whopping $40 for these groceries.

Moi prefer to barbecue or grill my beef and boil it to tenderize. Grill, boil, grill, barbecue or boil, for moi hardly fry anything except fish with barter once in a while. Ghanaian midgets say moi be shakara, but taken care of my handsome tall self comes first.

That's why moi has quit banging. There is wahala associated with banging, that's why Ghanaians are poor and emaciated. Only in Ghana do old men still seek apus to service them. Even wonna sugar mommies too are in on the action. Nasty people.

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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