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On Covid -19 Vaccination In Ghana

Kofi Ameko
2021-09-14 12:32:46

Some of us know that a Ghanaian international STEM team with local counterparts can produce Covid vaccines in Ghana. This will not happen through basic research but through seeking permission to use existing formulations and patents. However, it will take many years for this to happen and the products woulld be very expensive. The current talk of producing corovaccines in Ghana is a joke.

Not even the current NPP hypocritical bunch on SIL who are silent on the fact that they already received vaccine shots from the COVAXX stock would patronize vaccine produced in Ghana.

If history is indeed a guide, the ancestors of these hypocrites were against Sugar produced in Ghana under Nkrumah on the grounds that it was too soft; sugar that had to be dissolved in liquid/aqueous medium.

Ghanaians must rise to demand protection from coronavirus. Cathedral will not cure Covid-19 disease and other comorbidities. The Revs, Pastors , CSO leaders, Muslim leaders, and some politicians were immunized in secret. May Delta and mu variants strike them.

True friends of the late Obeng Manu left in NPP must rise up and kick the incompetetent, state Capture thieves, nepotics, and neurotics aside. It must be a do or die mission for them. Credit to JM.

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