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Forgetfulness: Serious Side Effect of the Vaccines

2021-09-13 23:55:51

I have in recent weeks realized the number of people forgetting things. They come to work forgetting their fob or access card. They will luckily meet a co-worker and follow them to their offices, before realizing they don't have their fob to move between floors. So they will decide to go back to their car to retrieve their fob, and then realized they have also forgotten their car keys in the office.

Forget about the headaches or fever associated with the jab, but this is serious. I have seen young educated guys acting weird by thinking their photo ID is their access card. When I create documents, I tend to interpose names of recipients or confused the dates. Twice have I forgotten or nearly forgot my wallet when going to work.

This was brought to my attention by our Assistant Chief Engineer today. He has misplaced his glasses and fob several times that it's not funny anymore. Last week moi was called a liar after taken a photo of an IT guy to attach to his access card. Five minutes later he rushed to my office to demand his access card back. Told him I returned it to him after verifying his name. He did not believed me, but told him to search his pockets or office drawers, because they mostly think the photo is the ID. Never saw him again.

Ghanaman, demonstrations abound at City Hall since last week. My apio may have dulled some of the official systems, like fever and headaches or what have you, but this is deep. Memory loss is going to affect us to the point where man no go remember his/her name or address anymore. I am having problems registering after moving to a new address this March. Trouble is moi kept on interposing my address, which should be suite # before street number, until I called Elections Canada some two hours ago. He told me moi was just typing nonsense, so I should go to Elections Canada to verify my address with a bill before able to vote on Monday.

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