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America's Shame To Be Exposed Tomorrow

O'dua Omo Oba
2021-09-13 21:10:12

Those of us from shiiithole republics like my zoo used to look up to USA as an ideal place where law and order prevail in a corruption free republic.

Now I can say with certainty and facts on my side that our N9ja elections are cleaner than the shame that occurs in USA. Tomorrow is a election day in California for the recall of the incumbent governor who does not have a prayer.

The east coast liberal politician have all canvassed for the embattled governor, including the president himself who will be at a rally for him today.

In the last November general elections, LA County alone printed fake 1.5 Million ballots into the system. It took America Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) to request and publish this ballot audit information, obtained by FOIA ( Freedom of Information Act) when all the media and cable networks refused to touch it with a 20ft pole.

Also in the just concluded gubernatorial race for the mayor of NY the ultra leftist anti police socialist inserted into the ballot 375,000 fake ballot to prevent the election of black ex police officer from winning. When the fake ballots were discovered ballot counting was suspended for three weeks and resumed later.

The County union employees who are responsible for the ballot have already started their shenanigans in LA and lawsuits have already been filed. There is a good reason the French have banned mail in voting when lends itself to fraud of massive proportions. The LA County election workers want to see their governor retained despite him loosing so badly they have to inject millions of fake ballots into the systme.

Small businessmen are dead set against the governor for using covid excuse to destroy their livelihood while he the governor dined and wined without mask at a birthday party at the French Laundry restaurant, spending over $12K for the wine bill.

The democrats usually count on minorities to deliver the votes for them but this time they are not paying attention and cannot be persuaded to vote. The Sage from South Central LA, Larry Elder is sure to win tomorrow, depending on how massive the fraud in LA county will be. It's a shame mail in ballot is being used to steal elections in USA. This is how low USA has fallen. It will take a week for the results to be known from tomorrow. Shame on the democrats.
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