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My Prediction Has Come True

O'dua Omo Oba
2021-09-13 18:17:11

This was too easy a prediction if you are an astute observer of the globalist moneyed devils.

Please someone should dig up the archives to confirm the prediction I made when the US bungled exit from Afghanistan generated lots of sympathy for the dire future of Afghans under the Taliban.

I thought this prediction was going to come through in six months but it took less than one month, Chai.

I predicted that the UN, G7, EU and the current globalist idiots will be raising funds to shore up Afghanistan with the excuse that they're experiencing food shortages, disease, water shortage and general difficulties of life.

The news today confirmed my prediction as the UN is now collecting money for Afghanistan and the stupid EU and G7 are going to fund it. I also predicted the United States of Stupid led by the cognitively depleted Joe Biden will be forking out millions of dollars to this fund in addition to their 20 year failed adventure of trillions of dollars wastage.

I told you so. Welcome the new royal nation - the shithole called Afghanistan. Where's that joker who calls himself Kumamtupra who said Gen. Mark Miley, chief of defense staff who calls women like me "birthing people" is going to bomb the equipment left behind in Afghanistan?

Reports are those equipment have been also sold to Iran and China and the Chinese are already in charge of the Bagram Air Base and taken over the equipment. Reverse engineering has already started. Chai.

I told you so.
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