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Once again – Where are those women empowerment A**

HRH Naana
2021-09-13 16:00:08

At what point of time, do we start shouting about domestic assault or violence or whatever those hypocrites would want us all to believe in?

Or domestic assault/violence is reserved only for some women?

Not so long ago, Oyo BARREL Lithur was beating up her husband, (a whole presidential lawyer), starving him, and pick pocketing him, to the extent that the man had to flee from his own marital home.

And I didn’t see these senseless, noise makers in the name of Women’s rights activists or feminists, or whatever they call their useless selves, coming out to call their fellow woman to stop molesting someone’s son.

Now we have another stupid cow, who opened her legs wide enough to throw out two kids for a man, now shouting that the man’s mouth stinks, he is a church mouse, he is useless and not worth to be called a man, talk of a father.

And again, the hypocritical noise makers are nowhere to be seen. They have all lost their ugly voices.

Let’s turn this around. Imagine if Ras Mubarak was the one pouring all those kind of horrific insults at his ex wife on social media, how would the women have reacted?

Or how would the brothers of this senseless woman have behaved, if their sister was at the receiving end?

It seems in Ghana, women’s rights are only activated when it comes to fighting for a man’s properties with the man’s relatives, and in the western world, when the World Bank director’s seat becomes vacant.

What kind of world are we in now? Insulting the father of your children in public?

What kind of home is this stupid cow from? Lord have mercy…!

What a world????

Ah well

HRH Naana

[This is an authentic posting from HRH Naana (Registered User)]
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