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On Grace Coleman: What about Ama's Story?

2021-09-13 15:47:43

Ghanaweb reporters should contact Margaret Owusuwaa (Ama) to get her side of the story. It's not fair to publish a one-sided story like this from a relative of the late Grace Coleman. They say there cannot be smoke without fire. How did the FBI get it so wrong? That Ama even lied that her passport was seized? If they were paying Ama, where was the evidence?

What Ghanaians don't understand is that you can't bring someone to the US as a domestic servant and fail to pay them whilst keeping them under duress (in Ama's case, treat of deportation). It's considered slavery and the consequences are dire and that's what simply befell Grace Coleman's daughter and her husband.

Let's hear from Ama small!


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