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Our soccer is dead....!!!

Togbi Adeladza V- Retired Awomefia
2021-09-13 12:35:25

Why do we blame C.K Akunnor when we just don't have the quality? Our captain is a quasi-retiree in the gulf after leaving the championship. Our best striker in the premiership, his kid brother is not a regular and has not scored for months. Our best player is probably well over the regular football age and gets injured after every 2 games.

Now compare that the Ivorian, Egyptians, Senegalese, Nigerian and even Guinean professionals around the globe. There are far more Ivorians in to soccer leagues in England, Spain and Germany than the entire Black Stars.

Its time the state stop wasting our scarce resources on these deadwood.

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Togbi Adeladza V- Retired Awomefia
09-13 12:59
Togbi Adeladza V- Retired Awomefia
09-13 13:48
Togbi Adeladza V- Retired Awomefia
09-13 13:00