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So Paul what is your point really?

Togbi Adeladza V- Retired Awomefia
2021-08-03 08:41:23

That because Azar is a distinguished silian, we should not criticize or disagree with him? Shouldn't we have a mind of our own, should we behave like Sir Beans and like the agama lizard, nod to everything done by the group we maybe affiliated or associated to?

I am very sure Azar himself will admire the way some of us question his knowledge of the law just as he makes mockery of the judiciary. And I still maintain that in the Ghanaian law profession, Azar is no authority unless you have evidence to contradict my assertion.

I can't wait to read his views on our economy and finances given his very rich background in these fields.

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Kwaku Romeo Esq
08-03 09:21
Togbi Adeladza V- Retired Awomefia
08-03 08:58
Kwaku Romeo Esq
08-03 09:20
Ayatollah Paul
08-03 10:37