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Is GUTA representative of Ghanaians?

2021-07-22 08:44:07

Why this obsession about not allowing Nigerians to retail trade in Ghana? Akans traders have been creating all kinds of problems for Ghanaians living and working in Nigeria.

It was Akan greed that expelled Nigerians from Ghana in 1969, took over their shops and bought the properties of these "aliens" cheap. All Ghanaians were paid back in 1983 by Shagari although non Akans in Ghana had nothing to do with that reckless decisions. We all paid for the sins of Akans.

If Akan traders cannot compete with Nigerians , they should not make it a Ghana thing because there are lots of non Akans living and working in Nigeria who are not encumbered by these silly protective laws.

If you are such great traders, why this morbid fear for these Ibo boys ??
GUTA should stop the nonsense . How much capital did Ghanaians in retail business in Nigeria sent there? If there are fake products , let's check that but let there be an open market.
Leave the Ibo boys alone to do genuine business and stop behaving like you own Accra. If you dont want them in Kumasi or Koforidua, we want them in Takoradi , Ho, Aflao etc . Indeed we want a West African market place in the VR where all Ecowas ca trade freely
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