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Riddle,Riddle:a 'GODFATHER' being Protected:Pratt

2021-07-21 22:49:47

There Is A "Godfather" In The NPP That Everyone Is Falling Down Before: Kwesi Pratt


Who is this GODFATHER?

**Protected in the Anas/Nyantakyi number 12

**Protected in the Ahmed Suale Assassination

** Protected in the Ameri Deal

** Protected in the PDS Scam

** Protected in the Airport Frontiers Healthcare Services $16.2m Sakawa

*****Exposed in Agyapa scam

**Protected in Sputnik vaccine Sakawa

Who is this "GODFATHER"?

Kwesi Pratt, you know the answer, why not tell us?
Don't leave us in suspense.

Who can provide answer (s) to this RIDDLE for 100 points?

Managing Editor for the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr, joined Randy Abbey on the Good Morning Ghana show, Metro TV.

He made some fresh allegations on the show concerning the Sputnik V Vaccine scandal. He disclosed his deepest suspicion about the deal which seems controversial. .

Kwesi Pratt explained that from the look of things and the explanations from the Minister of Health, it appears that there is an anonymous person in the NPP that all the Ministers want to save. 

He explained that the Ministry of Information could go to the extent of lying to the general public about the deals when the know personally well that they are lying.

Kwesi Pratt rhetorically questioned that who is the Minister of Information trying to save. He termed that anonymous person as "godfather".

"Some of the things which the Minister is being held responsible for now were actually put out by the Ministry of Information, which is the official spoke agency of the government. The knew they were lying. Who were they trying to save. There must be some godfather somewhere that everyone wants to save.

That godfather we do not know.

That powerful person who initiated this, we do not know him. We can only speculate. Everybody is falling down before this person. Everybody is doing everything to protect this person.", he explained.

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