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Chickens Have Returned Home to Roost

O'dua Omo Oba
2021-07-21 22:36:46

Two weeks ago NBC (Nigeria Broadcast Commission) issued a warning to the media not to mention any story about kidnapping, banditry and killings.

Previously they had warned the print media not mention "Fulani" in relation to herdsmen killers. Most of the media ignored this directive.

Two days ago Fulani herdsmen ransacked a burned a village and 50 buildings and killed the chief of the village in Benue State.

The governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom himself was almost killed while working on his farm on a weekend by the Fulani. After escaping assassination his state formed the Ebube Agu Defence Force (Pride of the Lion) to defend the state from the Fulani.

Two weeks ago governor Ortom strangely waved the white flag, after banning open grazing. He said the herdsmen can graze in certain areas, much to the astonishment of his state citizens. Well, two days ago he was shown his foolishness as the herdsmen sacked an entire village and killed their chief.

Last night the Almajiri executive secretary of the primary healthcare development agency, Aminu Hassan was almost killed by the herdsmen. They came to his mansion in the countryside and shot over 14 bullets into the building where his family were still in the house. One person died. He was on TV crying mah mah mah mah and advocating guns for everybody to defend themselves.

We have filed a criminal complaint of genocide and ethnic cleansing at the ICC against Jubril. We want use the legal process for our separation and thereafter by force divorce by gunfire.

be ni.
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