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Building Ghana, one chief at a time

Kwaku Romeo Esq
2021-07-21 21:49:44

Chiefs are very powerful in Ghana, more than many of us realise. By our system of land ownership they own about 80% of all lands(except some few family lands most notably in Accra) in Ghana and EVERYBODY is a tenant of some chief.

Many of them are quite useless though and are only interested in selling land and pocketing the money. But when they put their minds to it many of them can be real change for development. One such chief is Ehunabobrim Prah Agyeisam, the chief of Assin Kushea in the Central region.

Nana holds an LLB/BA (Honours) in Business Law from the Metropolitan University of London. He is also a Barrister at –Law and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Ghana having been called to the Ghana Bar in 1995. In other capacities outside his traditional duties, Nana has worked in a number of institutions both in and outside Ghana.

He has turned his Assin Kushes into arguably the neatest town in Ghana, together with the people they do regular communal labour. His people just love him. He is also building a magnificent palace. It doesn't hurt that his senior brother is Mr Sam Jonah.

Please watch these two videos

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