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George Dampare: Praising singing as always

Nana Amma Momapo Obenewaa
2021-07-21 19:29:35

George Dampare: Praising singing as always


What is the excitement with the appointment of George Dampare, the acting Inspector General of Police (IGP)? By praising the new IGP before he commences work, are we not hastily stroking his ego only to needle him, later on, for failing to meet the task?

The Ghana Police Service has serious structural problems, i.e., corruption and incompetence among the laundry-list of ‘incurable’ deficits.

Academic and professional achievements, while necessary, are not sufficient to sterilize an institution that operates on the watchman model and hardly punishes criminals within its ranks but, rather, applies a revolving door policy to save face, i.e., reward ‘magicians’ who turn cocaine into talcum powder and who go on to become celebrated senior law enforcement officers. I am a student of history.

Remember, I am apolitical. Hope all is well. Good day and cheers.
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07-21 20:28
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