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Ghana's Bogus ID

2021-07-21 19:19:42

90 minutes to procure a certified national id. Only in Ghana. Ours take about two weeks and you must receive it through the mail, not some gyinahogye cheap plastic. You people don't even have a social insurance number to tie the id with in case of loss and verification.

Late last year moi sent a whopping $200 to my sick pikin-na-borrow for his asthma medication. Whilst gasping for breath he went through hoops. They later told him his id is an old new, and need to procure the need new in order to cash the money. So he contacted me again and had to rush to the Post Office near my former residence to have it changed into his wife's name.

When Abusua Panyin Kofi Kotoko received money for the purchase of three fowls for my shrine in Adeabeba in Kumasi, they told this honest Ghanaian his name was spelt wrong and must be corrected before cash na hand.

Moi was making last minute protocol preparations for the arrival of Trudeau at the YVR, so that email infuriated me, that, given my name, a frigging Akan woman at the bank had come to the conclusion that moi cannot spell names of midgets.

I like keeping receipts, so it was then that moi realized the post office receipt must be in my wallet. Voila, and there it was with KK's Asante name spelled perfectly correct. He told me the banker did not even apologized after sending him the receipt with the original spelling of his name.

These are the Ghanaians moi like on SIL:

1. Kofi Kotoko

2. MOJO (the wayward konikoni man)

3. Sheik Abu Baltimore (the straight arrow)

4. Mr. Beans

5. Botifans

6. RP (my fellow Canadian)

7. Princess (cantankerous as she is)

8. ZongoMan

9. Okumfuor

10. Myth

11. Ghanaman (scared of making a statement)

12. Kwaku Romeo Esq


14. London Whale (always fighting Asantefuo

My Haters:


2. Akwasi

3. Tom Thumb

4. Naana HRH

5. Akwasi A/////dam

6. Akwasi Metemeho

7. Lucky Luciano (I don't like am).

8. Dawu

9. Kofi Ameko

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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Tom Thumb
07-21 21:00
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07-21 21:10