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My Research Results -Shame on Ghana

O'dua Omo Oba
2021-07-21 17:57:46

Yesterday I posted some facts about African countries that will be participating in the Tokyo Olympics and berated your zoo for not sending any athletes to Tokyo.

In that post I boasted about our awesome basketball team that has demolished four countries so far, including the US.

Somebody by the name of Botifans joined the thread and started craking like a madman about Ghana being pioneers that deserve respect. I wanted to take him for his word and started researching what makes your zoo a pioneer in anything other than shitting on the beaches of your capital city.

In researching your zoo's absence in Tokyo Olympics basketball and track I realized how short and dark you people are, explaining your inability to learn basketball.

Regarding track my research led me to Youtube where I discovered exactly what I was looking for. Your zoo was unable to qualify for the 4 X 100, in contradiction to the lies of Botifans and proof is in this video where you people disgraced the black race and West Africa by taking the last position below the Italians, Japanese, Koreans, Chinese and Brazilians. Do your athletes have lead in their shoes and run sideways instead of straight?

I need answers now. Shame on you Ghanaians. Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

Watch this video:

be ni
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