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Ghana is NOT a Shiiiittthole! ID Card

Ayatollah Paul
2021-07-21 15:22:42

Getting a Ghana Card at the Ring Road branch of the Ghana Identification Authority (former Stanchart) takes only an hour and half and you have your card. My childhood friend who is a dignified “connection man” just informed me right now. He’s taken a couple people there smoothly, no gorro. Bawumia is a digital genius.

That’s much shorter than Baltimore where it averages two hours to three hours. Since Ghanaians learned of my relocation here to teach wisdom and share my deep experience of working with the white man, they’ve stepped up their game because as a natural born American, I crack my whip and don’t take no mess.

We are changing Ghana for the better, little by little. Nobody can chase me out of Ghana from frustration due to poor dysfunctional bureaucracy. Unlike OOT I am not a Papa Samo who considers living abroad for donkey years an achievement.


Hw3 Fomm

Afuom hc
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