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More transparancy to SIL

2021-07-21 15:12:00

In the past days I have read numerous complaints about people using different names on SIL to cause havoc.

Let me manage the expectations. I don't have time to reprimand or even sanction SIL'ers misbehaving themselves.

However it will be fairly straight-forward to write a script which makes the names of poster clickable after which SIL can show a list of all the postings coming from the same person, even including different names.

Obvioulst this will expose everybody, including registered users, who is using different names.

Is this a useful feature?

Or will I open a can of wurms?

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Kwaku Romeo Esq
07-21 15:13
OsaagyefoBa Kasa Barima
07-21 15:45
OsaagyefoBa Kasa Barima
07-21 15:51
07-21 17:27
Kwaku Romeo Esq
07-21 17:54