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Tom Thumb
2021-07-21 14:08:03

Have you noticed that anytime anything or something negative is posted about USA, Paul the Theological Monk/Bodybuilder would descend on you like the proverbial ton of bricks.

Talk about policemen kneeling on your neck till you can't breath or policewomen shooting you in your own flat whilst you were eating ice cream, or mention being shot whilst visiting the Mall or school, getting shot whilst out walking or being stabbed by some teenage hoodie and Paul would howl at you for even thinking that way

Even when you quote the US President saying that there are over 300 shootings in USA every single day, he wants to unleash his home gym induced muscles on you.

Today Naana wrote about annual bush fires in America and out jumped Paul like a jack in a box to hiss. I suffered the other day for mentioning a power outage in Texas resulting in over a hundred deaths from hypothermia and had to run squealing from Sil when I wrote about an apartment collapse in Florida.

I wonder how a few hamburgers, milk shakes, hot dogs plus a baseball cap and Red Sox sweat shirt could turn a man's mind this way. What on earth did our gutterside kelewele, charlewote, waste, flies and mosquitoes and trotros ever do to anyone?

Many a time I am tempted to think that Paul is more American and patriotic than Trump, Pence, Pompeo and Bolton put together.

When you mention these things he quickly falls back on his one and only defence, which is USA has a higher life expectancy than Ghana, though no one disputes that.

Despite that fact, I would prefer to die on a bed surrounded by family and beautiful frafra ladies singing hymns such as

" When Peace like a River, Lead Kindly light, Nearer my God to Thee and Down By the Jordan River" than getting shot whilst at a church or shopping at the mall by some deranged teenager who would say he did so because daddy didn't take him to the base ball games like all the other kids whilst he was growing up.

I love my shithole.

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