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Canadian Blacks Live Longer than Ghana/USA

2021-07-21 12:12:13

Yes, Blacks in Canada live longer than their counterparts in Ghana and the United States of America. Stress is the number killer of Negroes. Blacks tend to shake when they see the police. Blacks are at loggerheads with cops in Halifax, Nova Scotia, yet few deaths have resulted in skirmishes.

Debbie, my Black girlfriend slapped me in 1979 for greeting cops in a Chinese Restaurant having dinner. "Don't you ever do that again in front of me, you African dummy," she told me in Halifax.

Cops in St. John, New Brunswick, gave moi and paddy lift to downtown after visiting the world's only Reversing Falls. Never seen Immigration Officers helping immigrants resettle in that city like they used to. That city is on the list of my retirement cities if Gambia did not work.

In another news, Vancouver just recorded its 11th homicide of the year in the Downtown Eastside, popularly known as the skid row. This targeted shooting occurred inside an SRO, or single room occupancy. The 40-year-old died on the spot. Two witnesses fled the scene. Unlike Clinton and Obama, it doesn't seem Uncle Joe likes Trudeau or Canada much.

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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