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Annual fire outbreaks in the US?

HRH Naana
2021-07-21 11:21:13

The annual fire outbreaks in the US have started. Like all years before, some places get razed down with fire from California to Texas to wherever in the US. Till tomorrow, there is no solution. And no one is complaining but most are volunteering some water to cool down the fires whenever it starts. And this happens in the US. A country supposed to be developed than Ghana.

Had this been happening in Ghana like the annual floods in Ghana, our loudmouthed diasporas would have been jumping up and down here like some Christmas bunnies on fresh batteries, reminding us about the shithole country we have in Ghana, and how Free SHS is causing poverty, and the president and his Akyem sakawa boys are milking the nation dry, thus the floods.

As if that wouldn’t be enough, we shall have their confused lackeys, some of who are just lucky to be walking the streets of especially some of the countries located somewhere close to the corner of the armpit of Germany, or thereabout, clapping on like some roadside apostles, in the name of some insignificant companies hiring some people to pull cables from a container to a room somewhere, and that should be rocket science to be replicated in Ghana.

Every country has issues. Developed or underdeveloped. But when it comes to Ghana, some just have no other choice than to vent their frustrations at everything happening in Ghana. As if nothing good comes out of Ghana.

So for the super experts, how come almighty US haven’t been able to solve its annual fire outbreaks till now? Is that also a shithole country?

You see your lives?

Ah well

HRH Naana

[This is an authentic posting from HRH Naana (Registered User)]
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Kwaku Romeo Esq
07-21 11:42
Ayatollah Paul
07-21 12:28