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Papanos Saving Accra Girls from Homelessness: Cong

Ayatollah Paul
2021-07-21 10:00:54


This is a distressing statistic that even Tom Thumb and Kwaku Romeo will agree to without controversy. It is a hidden problem that I am shedding light on. Anyone with a daughter in Accra should be concerned unless they’re wealthy or the daughter is very lucky.

This is the statistic: 73% of young women between the ages of 21-29 living in Accra would be borderline homeless if not for the “generosity” of a man (Papano, Fraud Boy, or overseas lover)! The average young lady in Accra earns less than 800 Ghc a month. Two years rent advance is 5000 Ghc and up. These young ladies simply cannot save that amount, no matter how much the scrimp.

What I am saying is that 73% of young ladies within that age bracket living in Accra would be homeless without a man benefactor. These men are not altruistic benefactors, they are putting a lot of “usage” on these vulnerable young women. Make no mistake, the plight of a young lady in Accra is very very concerning. Now they all have roommates to help split the bills. There are even cases of Papano feasting on both roommates.

Make no mistake, I am not talking only about unemployed young women. The group I am talking about include many gainfully employed young women working at malls, shops, “entrepreneurs”, university graduates, bank tellers, customer service personnel etc. You see them dressed sharply which might mislead you, they’re one broken “relationship” from homelessness. For this reason they have multiple “benefactors” as a hedging mechanism. I am not talking greedy young ladies willing to sell their bodies to get the latest phone and fashion. These are normal young ladies not more morally bankrupt than average.

I honestly don’t know the solution to this problem. The practice where hiring managers and others are sexing these girls before even considering their applications is rampant and worse than ever. Today, at least three managers will sex you before you get a job. The HR guy is automatic, the manager in the division you’re applying for is also virtually guaranteed, and sometimes one other manager or director.

Pray for young women in Accra because they’re in serious bondage, modern day slavery just to keep a roof over their heads. If you’re one of those men perpetrating this, at least be a little considerate. Don’t tell a young lady to leave class to meet you at a “movie house” at noon just because you’re paying her hostel fees. The borgas should also stop requesting naked lewd videos from the girls they’re helping.

Be honorable, I challenge all sugar daddies and Papanos. Reduce the usage rate of these ladies.


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Kwaku Romeo Esq
07-21 11:30
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07-21 12:12