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Genocide: Ghana is not Rwanda. Take a pill

Nana Amma Momapo Obenewaa
2021-07-21 07:15:40

Genocide: Ghana is not Rwanda. Take a pill


Those suggesting that the unwise statements of Kennedy Adjapong is going to trigger a ‘genocide’ in Ghana must rethink their dooms-day prediction. Any serious person who with basic knowledge of Rwanda’s colonial history knows that Ghana and Rwanda have very little in common in terms of their colonial experience and ethnic politics.

While Ghana is a not a perfect country by any measure, it does not have the flammable elements to set the nation ablaze. Killing 800,000—1,000,000 people in 100 days, and speckling their bodies on dusty streets, and roaring rivers, as we saw in Kigali, Kivu, Gitarama, etc., is not going to happen in Ghana. Context is important when dissecting statements, however idiotic.

Remember, I am apolitical. Hope all is well. Good day and cheers.

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