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Rwanda:Akopy Speaks Same Language as Ken Agyapong

2021-07-21 06:39:17

Yesterday: " I won’t sit by for Ghana to become another Rwanda – Kennedy Agyapong


"All it took was the mating of words by an irresponsibly journalist amplified by the power of radio to ignite the tragic genocide in Rwanda”



These two have come to the conclusion that any criticism of the rogue regime amounts to a call for CIVIL WAR.

So everybody should shut up as they rape the national coffers, engage in all manner of malfeasance and criminal activities, unleash violence and the INVISIBLE FORCES and DELTA FORCE THUGS on the people, infiltrate the Security services with the INVISIBLE FORCES and AZUGU THUGS,
brutalize journalists and attack media houses, deploy military to the Volta Region during registration exercise and during elections, massacre 8 persons during the elections.... rig elections at the polls and rig it at the Supreme CONCERT.
Partisan IGP and bribe taking goalkeeper and Chief JUSTICE.

These two murdered Ahmed Suale and have SILENCED Anas.

Who proclaimed ALL DIE BE DIE and brought South African and Serbian mercenaries to subvert the then government and create mutinous conditions in Ghana?

Their target NOW is Erastus Asare Donkor, who is doing a great job by exposing their evil deeds.

So he shouldn't report again on the military and NPP officials in GALAMSEY?

First, they called RADIO GOLD, "RADIO RWANDA", JOYFM is the new "RADIO RWANDA"

This message from Akopy is a direct attack on Erastus Asare Donkor and JOYFM.

When Kennedy Agyapong is speaking on security issues and threatening Journalists , take it as coming from Akopy and endorsed by Akopy.

Kennedy Agyapong is Chairman of the Parliamentary committee on defense and interior because Akopy wanted him to be there.

Criticism of the CRIME INFESTED, ROGUE REGIME is a call for CIVIL WAR and RWANDA.

Mother SERPENT of corruption
forget, you and Ken cannot intimidate and scare anybody with the nonsense talk of RWANDA.

[This is an authentic posting from Botifans (Registered User)]
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