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Dear Webmassa

2021-07-20 23:51:08

Since IP addresses don't show anymore, what about blocking any unregistered user who changes his usual moniker just to cause confusion?

This would also affect registered users who create unregistered monikers to cause confusion. If the IP address of the unregistered moniker is blocked, so will the registered one. They may have other IP addresses such as from home internet or cell phone but it won't be long to block that too if they keep misbehaving.

People should be free to change their moniker every 5 minutes so long as they're not doing so for nefarious reasons.

Of course let them at least use VPN to be able to cause trouble but we'll catch them for you because it's very difficult to hide on SIL unnoticed for long. People who change their monikers eventually get found out.

You know what? Ghanaians are very hypocritical. Those who complain about "moniker peddling" are most likely to be the ones engaging in it so it may be time to expose them for the forum to see. I'd buy a pair of 2by4s to help open their ass for all and sundry to see.


[This is an authentic posting from ZongoMan (Registered User)]
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