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Mahama too dey taya o

Kwaku Romeo Esq
2021-07-20 22:31:51

+++Ayisha Modi has claimed that Tracey Boakye's daughter is for Dr Kwaku Oteng, not Mahama She said Afia Schwar connived with Boakye to dupe Mahama when they knew very well that Oteng was the father+++

Basically e dey mean say Papa No chopped or still dey chop but the pikin no be ein own. This Dr Kwaku Oteng too, he wan finish all the Ghana girls or what? He's ridee e dey marry 5 girls who fit be fit be ein pikins. Wat kind of greediness be dat wan too?

[This is an authentic posting from Kwaku Romeo, Esquire (Registered User)]
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Kwaku Romeo Esq
07-20 22:40
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