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Re: From Agitator to President Aye Huhuhu!

2021-07-20 20:14:54

Gbedze, when 3 high court judges including a nursing mother and senior army officer were kidnapped and murdered with bodies burnt all Akans by Ewes, the perps found and convicted and freed by an Ewe dominated government Ghana was not sick. When $200million dollars was appropriated for an alleged affordable housing called Saglemi which was abandoned after full payment by NDC parliament and executive led by Incompetent Mahama, Ghana was not sick, when $20million was blatantly stolen from state coffers and used to build a party headquarters housing a CIT school with Kofi Ameko as resident tutor Ghana was not sick. When $14million was stolen in broad daylight for a Veep mansion while children were exposed to the elements, sat on stones and wrote in their hands as schooling, Ghana was not sick. Every human being has a mouth and anus, try to use the former to speak, talk sense and use your head!
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Re: From Agitator to President Aye Huhuhu!
07-20 20:14