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From Agitator to President Aye Huhuhu!

2021-07-20 19:14:42

It is not easy to transition from a partisan agitator and pseudo nationalist to a President or Vice President of multi ethnic Ghana . Ghana looks sick. The doors of the national treasury is wide open , integrity is lost , t hear agitations against Mahama even in someone’s’ second term , corruption , polluted water bodies , compromised recruitment into security services , illegal payments to those who called a sitting president USELESS, our economic guru has transformed into digital emperor and seeking to become president of Muslim Ghana and not multi religious Ghana ..,….can go on and on . But I hope when Ghanaians see an agitator next time they will not confuse that with a PresidentiaL material . We don’t deserve a dysfunctional Ghana led by arrogant tribal and religious bigots
Thank you for the new Volta Religion or Ewe region . Although I condemn you for creating tribal regions , our youth are sitting up not to be left behind . We will not be another Haiti even is if we have been isolated to be discriminated against and abused
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