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2021-07-20 18:14:40


Many of us have recently caught on to the entry of a new SIL Webmaster, and some of us have not yet warmed up to the idea of a thoroughly temperamental and finicky koo darkie calling the shots on this site. And we have been proved right in quick order.

There was very good reason why Bellaart took a hands-off approach for 22 years of SIL's existence. As pissed off as many had been with Bellaart’s seeming lack of interest in the SIL plaform, his reticence to meddle was noticeable and commendably even handed. Only once in 22 years was Bellaart forced to suspend a pest like Bajan for a few days.

But now we have a webmaster who is anything but Bellaart as evidenced in his hawkish afuom school teacher approach to this site. This new webmaster, whoever he is, is ill-suited to the delicately intricate and nuanced task of running SIL. He lacks what it takes, and it needs to be said. HE’S WELCOME TO BAN DAWU for calling him out.

SIL has a character honed over 22 years of contested equilibrium. And anyone who shows up here attempting to disturb that equilibrium had better donned a pair of steel balls to play fair, and not attempt to hamstring any party here to the advantage of another.

We can all recall the shameful Rambo style entry of this new webmaster into the business of Sil by firing salvos at Koshi, with the pathetic excuse that Koshi disrupted the free conduct of discussions on SIL, while leaving equally worse disrupters alone to hound and abuse as they wish. When his double-faced hypocrisy and typical Ghanaian-type inconsistency was pointed out to him he ignored it.

So we baited him yesterday. The plot was a simple one. If this new confused do-gooder saw nothing wrong with someone else cloning Dawu's name on SIL to post juvenile nonsense under the moniker 'Dawu Trokosi High Priest' then he should equally see nothing wrong with someone cloning Akwasi Biljmer's name and differentiating it by adding the letter 'H' as suffix.

We went further. If he found nothing wrong with Akwasi Biljmer’s persistent and pervasive abuse of targeted members of this platform on a daily basis, then he should equally find nothing wrong with one of us registering Akwasi Biljmer's name; after all, registration is the only true claim to a moniker on sil. It appears that no one is entitled to any specific construction of characters called a moniker unless they register it. Mischief and misconduct should be defined comprehensively enough to cover a range of actions not a whimsical dictatorial cherry-picking of what the webmaster likes.

And it didn't take long for this joker to bite, with warnings and threats that a violation of platform rules and protocol had been committed.

I’ll be damned!

By this thread we're serving notice to this clown. So Mr. New SIL Webmaster, listen and listen well:

1. SIL was here when you were probably in grade school, so be careful with the threats. We won't take that from you.

2. You are either going to play fair and be even-handed in dealing with both sides of the SIL-divide or you'll destroy the character and personality of the platform. There is good reason why Bellaart let SIL alone for 22 years. Do not let this small appointment go into your head. We know you're a typical Ghanaman; a little post is probably all it takes to swell your head, but be careful, for you are not dealing with kids here. Enough said on that.

3. You either rein in Akwasi Biljmer's unwarranted attacks on specific members of this forum or we'll continue to call out your two-face hypocrisy and inconsistency. Since you've found it prudent to start issuing warnings and threats to some of us, you'd be well advised to keep an even hand and rein in a disturbed character like Akwasi Amoo Atta.

4. For emphasis, never ever threaten any of us again with the prospect of ejection from this platform. Obviously, Bellaart has given you control of this archaic platform that is so far behind in web architecture that even MySpace of 1996 would give it a run for the money. And since you have time on your hands to play biased referee here, we'd advise you to spend some of that time to overhaul this site and bring in into the 21st century.

5. No Malice wished!

Togbe Dawu

[This is an authentic posting from DAWU (Registered User)]
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