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Why are they running from the FAITH CHEQUE?

HRH Naana
2021-07-20 15:58:01

This reminds me of this woman who came to seek asylum here in Germany.

According to her, as part of her seeking refuge in Germany, her father died and bequeathed her mother with a parcel of Land. The uncle who inherited the father, wanted to take this land, and therefore made her only brother go crazy.

Asked by the judge how the uncle did this? She claimed it was in the spiritual realm.

Well, trust a German judge and the drivel of spiritual realm which Ghanaians always bamboozle judges with; the judge advised her to seek a psychiatrist as spirituality has no business in the asylum rules.

This is what we are waking up to in Ghana now cite Sam Korankye and his million$$$ cheque.

The very people who are busy preaching about #FixTheCountry, are the ones who can’t fix themselves.

They collect money from the poor and don’t pay any taxes. Talk about it, and they tell you it is in the spiritual realm.

Now, a show off cheque of $1m, is suddenly a faith cheque?

Be it faith or spiritual church, GRA, please hook the recipient up for the taxes of this income. No mercy for the crooks. Let them pay.

[This is an authentic posting from HRH Naana (Registered User)]
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