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Can Ghanaians be Trusted?

2021-07-20 15:17:05

Yesterday moi met the wife of a Sierra Leonean lawyer downtown. She hugged me I then asked her to convey my best wishes to her husband and inquired about her son who was admitted to the University of Texas in 2014. Hmm, the boy is now a lawyer in Calgary, she told me.

I have introduced several African students, especially Ghanaians to this great lawyer paddy of mine for assistance in settling in this great country.

Ghanaians who come here as university students immediately make up their minds not to return home to that shiiithole.

I did help the son of the late doctor OYM to acquire his birth certificate here in Vancouver and even took a Ghanaboy out for lunch and a treat at a BC Lions game, only for the boy to turn his back on me after graduation and marrying his UBC college sweetheart.

That he doesn't want to see me at his wedding his uncle had wanted to invite me to was a shocker. Moi was going to gift him a whopping $1000, but because moi wasn't his class decided against seeing me there.

Kinda reminds me of how another Uncle Tom of a sailor in Antwerp married a White whore and decided against inviting his paddies for the ceremony. Ghanafuo, oyiwadoon.

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