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Againstfuo: Celebrating My Last Day of Self-Isolat

2021-06-11 03:18:28

I thank wonna sooties all for helping handsome tall and bigmouth moi through these terrible days. I couldn't have made it without wonna help. Moi can now go out this midnight, which is four hours from now to enjoy the blue skies of beautiful Vancouver.

To celebrate moi has ordered the most expensive Prime Rib Steak to go with my crispy wedges for dinner tonight. Nothing special just a spontaneous choice of food to celebrate. I normally don't like beef, but have grown tired of fish and chicken during these tiring days in the dungeon.

Moi go chuke my first dose of coro vaccine tomorrow and start working. I could have taking the day also off, but moi is tired of this chop and sleep wahala. I have also realized that NPPfuo don't like me and will kill moi if I make the mistake of going to Ghana in future if they are in power.

I have endured all kinds of hardships since childhood and cannot let go at this old age just for the pleasure of some fockers from some kwaemu. Whoever says moi hates Akanfuo, Africans or Negroes is a frigging liar. You people are simply your own worst enemies that's why moi is pissed.

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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