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Why Are Evil Ghanaians Hooked on Religion?

2021-06-11 00:05:34

Massa scientists failed to realized that moi has moved after filling out my Censors form online. A simple name search instead of address search will have suffice. Yet, the Mighty One called moi two weeks after the expiry date to inquire why I did not complete my form. I embarrassed him one touch.

So my question this evening is: How come devils, especially those made or born in Ghana so keen on religion even though they know they are witches and demons? Puti's mother, an Nzema woman narrated how she was attacked as a young girl whilst walking the beach with her parents.

The greatest storyteller who ever lived told us kiddies how her parents chased the witch away after demanding the pork meat she had picked up during lunch. I wish that woman was my mom because she has toli unlike my mom.

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