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When Did Devils Started Infiltrating Ghana?

2021-06-10 23:41:32

Moi only saw two witches being displayed in New Tafo by some medicine men in late-60's. Today two out of every five Ghanaian is a witch capable of finishing wonna borgas off one touch.

Do you know why RP started farming in his 70's? I know one Black Star Line Donkeyman who retired from sailing and started farming in Taadi. The man failed to harvest one sack of cassava for all his troubles each season. They told me his house turned him into working for nothing.

There was another house adjacent to a laundry near Dr. Sagoe's mansion in Taadi. The house is possessed and owned by one half-caste man named Mr. Savage. Every business that rented the retail space and tenants including my paddy Charles Gibson and even the second wife of the owner fell on hard times. This university-educated half-caste beauty turned to whoring at Meridian Hotel after the man divorced her.

A Malam in Taadi one day accused moi of the theft I did not commit. I beat him mercilessly. He threatened moi with death within 72-hours. That was about one million hours ago. There was an onyina tree at the junction of Somanya Estate and Town where witches congregate every night moi was told. The tailor nearby cursed moi with death within 48-hours just for whistling, because whistling is forbidden after 1800 hours.

Don't lemme tell wonna about what happened to moi in other parts of Ghana, especially Ashanti Region and Kwadaso specifically.

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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