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Parliamentarians the law makers.

2021-06-10 22:41:49

So far I know parliamentarians are law makers, but what laws do they make? For themselves or for the whole populace? What I see is they make the law, smoke over them and they burn without ashes. What is that? One thing they should know and to stop wasting the state's funds is in Ghana everybody both young and old makes his/her own laws an abide by them. What they go to sit in that huge house and make are for them there. Ask me why; and I will ask you who enforces what they make? What individual make work well for them. Do something at least about these Noice Nuisance/ Noice pollution so we can have some peace. Especially during the night. In short there are no laws so everybody does his/her own thing. Now judge me wrong and prove yourself. May God save Ghana.
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