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Another $26 per dose CHOP, CHOP contract

2021-06-10 22:09:34

Government contracts another company to purchase 5 million Sputnik V vaccine at $26 per dose


  10 June 2021

You people will smell it.

More controversy keeps coming up regarding government’s procurement of Russia’s Sputnik V for Covid-19 vaccination in the country.

In a document sighted by, the Health Ministry has contracted another supplier, S. L. Global Limited to purchase five million doses of the drug at $26 per dose.

Digging further into the 20-page document, the Ghanaian owned company serving as the intermediate is to deliver the vaccines in batches; one million doses each month until the fifth month when the country would have had the enough doses for inoculation.

Among other things, the agreement was that the purchase will not include transportation, storage and other charges; thus, the cost is likely to rise.

“None of the seller or any of its connected persons shall be subjected to any liability under this agreement or otherwise for any lose suffered by the buyer or any person whatsoever including patients, resulting to the use of the product,” part of the agreement read.

Thus, in a letter dated March 16, 2021, the Health Ministry beseeched the Finance Ministry to support it raise $130 million to be used to pay for Covid-19 vaccines, which were being procured through some third parties.
This comes barely a week hours after an investigation by a Norwegian newspaper uncovered that government is buying the Sputnik V vaccine for $19 per dose from the businessmen instead of $10.

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