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Conspiracy Theory or Real Truth?

O'dua Omo Oba
2021-06-10 21:55:27

Former director of USA Center for Disease Control Dr. Robert Redfield was on CNN interview and intimated that the covid virus originated from Wuhan, China lab. He received death threats from SCIENTISTS !!!!!! (Google is your friend)

In 2017 Dr. Anthony Fauci, confidently predicted the covid 19 pandemic in a speech in Tennessee. (Youtube is your friend. Watch it on video)

Despite the illegality of gain of function research, Dr. Fauci as head of the Infectious Diseases and Virus Research gave $6 Million grant to Eco Health Alliance which in turn gave it to the Wuhan Lab as a grant to conduct gain of function research on the covid virus. (Google is your friend)

After several times of denial, Dr. Fauci finally admitted at a congressional hearing under questioning by senator Rand Paul that yes, he gave a grant to the Chinese to conduct gain of function research on the virus. The Chinese scientist who did the research and published the findings even had a footnote of thanks to Dr. Fauci for making it possible.
(Google Is your friend)

After the congressional hearing of Dr. Fauci's testimony, senator Rand Paul received death threats. ( Google is again your frieind)

Eco Health Alliance CEO Dr. Peter Daszak sent email (revealed about two weeks ago through FOIA) to Dr. Fauci congratulating him for denying the origin of the covid as Wuhan Lab in China.

In February of 2020 Dr. Fauci met with the Trilateral Commission who invited him, (Alarm bells ring-ding ding ding ding) ( Google is your friend)

Mark Zuckerberg met with Dr. Fauci to plan strategy to suppress any revelatory information regarding the origin and genetic composition of the covid virus. (Google is your friend)

Why was Dr. Fauci so obssessed with gain of function experiments? BIG MONEY.

When the virus is made more infectious and deadly, it is SOLD (it's creation methods and composition) to the drug manufacturers who use it to create vaccines for the market. And the vaccines mean - beaucoup profits. Chai.

Where do the drug manufacturers test their vaccines? In A F R I C A !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Face reality and prepare yourself or be extinct.

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