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Beast of Burden

2021-06-10 21:28:15

Omo Aba

you are worse than Mulla Omar and OBL combined. you write such gruesome atrocities without flinching. We in Nkrumah's Ghana do not behave this way. We have our issues, a boatload of them but we never allowed it to reach such a boiling point. I will urge you to keep your nonsense in Nigeria. We Ghanaians pride ourselves on our AWAM make-believe peaceful country.

It seems and sounds to me as though your part of the world is inhabited by animals of the lowest kind. In a world where citizens are forging relationships to live and trade in harmony with others, you and your kind are busy tearing up what is left of your so-called country. Take your business to Nairalnd. It does not fit into our mold of thinking here.

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