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Well Done My People. Congratulations.

O'dua Omo Oba
2021-06-10 21:24:56

Last Sunday a few hours after midnight, a marauding band of Foolanis on motorbikes went to the villages of Iparaba and Igangan in Oyo State and while everyone was asleep, they burned the entire village and anyone who left the building was shot. Over fifty bodies were found, excluding the dozens burnt without any recognition.

The aftermath photos of the carnage was shown on TV with charred bodies littered around the burnt huts and wooden structure. This incident did not draw a comment from the president, state governor or state representatives in the national assembly. To them it was another killing incident in a dysfunctional country mired in a state of anomie.

We had a meeting on Monday and our OPC executives in London assured us things are moving fast on the ground for a resounding response to be delivered from three options: invocation of thunder strike, on the ground assault and wipe out and coordination with Amotekum to arrest the Fool-anis. We settled for the "an eye for an eye" option and chose a total wipe out.

Our mercenary forces were quickly deployed late Monday evening around the Oyo forest and the backup youth volunteers followed. There were more volunteers than needed from other Yoruba state who showed up and wanted to participate. As our mercenary force closed in on the Foolani hideout in our sacred forest they took off on the heels in the opposite direction. The cowards didn't realize they were running into a trap and were finished off by our forces strategically stationed for the trap. Their entire settlement were burned down. I was privileged to have received a video of the entire operation.

The prediction and warning of IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kano has come true. The takeover of the south by these foreigners from Futa Jallon Mountains, Senegal, Mali and the Sahel is occurring right before our eyes. The 2 million people OPC rally two weeks ago in Ekiti shows our people are waking up. The Igbos warned us and we didn't listen. Amotekun is now being deployed to all the villages and volunteers are on the standby.

Two days ago, a truck full of cattle (normally weapons are in the mix) run over 8 children killing them all instantly. The youth chased and blocked the truck to ensure the driver does not escape. The entire truck and its content were set ablaze. The video cattle being burned alive was hard to watch. The animals are innocent.

Today Jubril issued a statement blaming our zoo youth for the lack of investments in the zoo because investors do not like their behavior. Yes, please Google this if you don't believe it. He said nothing about his tribesmen's kidnapping, banditry, herdsmen killers and overall insecurity they've created in the zoo.

All I can say right now is Well done boys. You make us proud. Keep defending Oduduwa land till we raise the flag soon.

be ni
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